Up to 12 daily flights between Reykjavik and London

This winter, five airlines will be providing air transportation between Iceland and London. Never before has the competition on a single route from Iceland been so great.
During February there will be up to 12 flights daily departing from Keflavik airport to the London-area. This is more frequency than on any other route from Iceland.
The number of flights between London and Reykjavik has risen significantly during the last five years, from 2.7 fights on average in February 2012 to 9.6 four years later. Mostly due to new easyJet routes from Britain in March 2012. Three months later WOW air was established and during the autumn Icelandair added new route to Gatwick. But for the longest time Icelandair had been content with its two flights daily to Heathrow.
British Airways joined in last fall with three weekly flights but now they offer daily flights from Heathrow and just recently Norwegian jumped the band wagon as well. Gatwick has thus become the main node of transport between the UK and Iceland with nearly 313 thousand passengers departing from Gatwick compared to 240 thousand traveling through Heathrow.
Below is an example of the London-Iceland flights roster during peak activity in February 2017: