Now the 5th biggest airport in the Nordics

In 2014 Keflavik airport surpassed both Billund airport in Denmark as well as Bromma airport in Sweden on the list of the Nordic countries’ biggest airports, landing Keflavik in 9th place in the yearly roundup. The number of passengers kept on growing, and at a faster rate than in any other Nordic country. This resulted in Keflavik overtaking Norway’s Stavanger and Trondheim airports before settling in 7th place on the 2015 list. For the third year in a row Keflavik airport kept on climbing the list and during last year more passengers traveled through Keflavik then through Bergen’s Flesland airport and Gothenburg’s Landvetter, respectively.
While Keflavik has gotten the 5th place it is still quite far away from reaching anywhere near 4th place, occupied by Helsinki’s Vantaa airport, which in 2016 accommodated more than 17 million passengers.