Don’t book hotels in Reykjavik “last minute”

The number of reserved rooms in the Icelandic capital is much higher than in other Nordic cities and even in Barcelona and London.

reykjavik Tim Wright

The number of passengers arriving in Reykjavik (via Keflavik Airport) has never been greater and the airfares are lower than. But if you are heading to Iceland then you might want to arrange accommodation well in advance. The main reason is that the number of available hotel rooms in Reykjavik in the coming months is much lower than in other Nordic countries. If, for example, you are arriving this coming weekend, the number of reserved rooms is at 96% according to a search on Meanwhile, in popular cities like London and Barcelona these numbers are at 73% and 71%, respectively.

New hotels opening

This situation is in accordance with a recent report in a local newspaper where a booking manager for one of the biggest hotel chains in Iceland, said: „We’re almost sold out, the next available weekend is in October.” But still, plenty of new hotels have been opening in Reykjavik during the past year and the total number of hotel rooms in Reykjavik is expected to rise from 4.700 this year and up to 5300 rooms in 2019. However, the number of visitors could continue to grow at an even faster rate than the hotel owners and developers can keep up with.

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