Icelandic passports the most expensive in the Nordics

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Passport in Iceland now costs nearly double that of a Norwegian passport, even though the latter one grants you access to more countries.
An Icelandic citizen has to pay 105 EUR (12.300ISK) to renew his or her passport, which is then valid for a decade. In Denmark and Norway passports are also valid for the same duration but at a significantly lower price. Danes pay the equivalent of 84 EUR (626DKK) for their passports but Norwegians are only required to pay 51 EUR (450NOK). In Sweden and Finland citizens are required to renew their passports every five years with each reissue at 37 EUR (350 SEK) in Sweden and 48 EUR in Finland. Still, the cost of renewing this indispensible travel document for a ten-year period is still lower in those two countries than in Iceland.
Even though the Icelandic passport is the most expensive in the Nordic countries it only allows visa-free travel to 167 countries while, according to an annual study, the passport holders from the other Nordics can visit upwards of 170 countries without any special clearance. The Swedish passport is currently the world’s second most “powerful” since it provides visa-free access to 176 countries, a number only surpassed by the German passport which provides entry to one additional country.