More flights to Iceland from Toronto and Montreal than ever before

Now 3 airlines offer direct flights from Canada to Reykjavik, Iceland. Prices for return tickets in the high season are as low as 690 CAD but it‘s better to book accommodation well in advance. And expect to pay more for car rental in Iceland than in Canada.
For the first time Air Canada now offers direct flights to Iceland from both Toronto and Montreal. Routes that previously have only been served by local Icelandic airlines Icelandair and WOW air, both offering flights from Canada to Iceland all year while Air Canada only operates these flights during the summer.
With this new addition the number of departures from Toronto to Reykjavik (via Keflavik Airport) will be as many as 28 per week and 14 per week from Montreal. Due to the frequent flights passengers can now choose from different schedules and can easily combine 2 airlines to get a better price.

Luggage or not?

According to our comparison the cheapest one-way tickets during the high season costs ca. 350 CAD but rules regarding luggage are different between airlines. One piece of checked luggage is included at Air Canada and Icelandair but costs an extra 64 CAD at WOW air. Therefore, the Icelandic low-cost airline more often has lower fares than its competitors but for those traveling without luggage the difference between Air Canada, Icelandair and WOW air is often very little. It can definitely be helpful to use Momondo to find the cheapest tickets, especially for those who are flexible and willing to fly to Iceland with one airline and back home with another.

Don´t book hotel in Iceland last minute

Tourism in Iceland has been booming and last year 83 thousand Canadians visited the country. Accommodation can be hard to find, especially in Reykjavik and Akureyri during the summer high-season. Because of this can be wise to book in advance and even pay a little extra for the “Free cancellation” option, for example through or Tablet Hotels.

Car rental more expensive in Iceland than Canada

Public transport around Iceland is quite limited and therefore many tourists choose to rent a car during their stay. However, prices on car rental are markedly higher in Iceland than in Toronto or Montreal. According to a survey on a small car for one week in June costs 392 CAD at Keflavik Airport (near Reykjavik) while thesame type of car costs only 293 CAD at Pearson International Airport and 342 CAD at Montréal-Pierre Elliot Trudeau International.