Rental cars in Iceland much cheaper in June

island vegur ferdinand stohr

If you‘re planning on driving around Iceland this summer, you can save money by booking your stay in the middle of June rather than July or August.
In general prices in Iceland have been rising, mostly due to the Icelandic króna‘s increase in value. But the good news is that prices for rental cars availble from Keflavik International Airport, near Reykjavik, haven‘t followed the same trend. According to a survey conducted by the rental prices in June are lower today than they were last year but rates in July and August have more or less stayed the same.
The cheapest car at Keflavik Airport in June is now 43 EUR per day, based on a two week rental period, compared to 51 EUR last year. The daily rates are though considerably higher for the latter half of July and August, 70-74 EUR for the smallest, most inexpensive car.
At Keflavik Airport, Iceland‘s only international airport, car rental prices are more reasonable in comparison to rentals in the Reykjavik area, at least if one is inclined to rent from more established car rentals. Click here to do your own comparison of rental cars at Keflavik International Airport in Iceland