Airberlin aircraft seized in Iceland over debt

Three passengers stranded because of the unusual situation.


At midnight time local time Keflavik, Iceland an Airberlin flight bound to Dusseldorf was cancelled after the plane got seized by ISAVIA, the Airport authorities in Iceland. Due to unpaid airport and passenger charges according statement by ISAVIA.

Ever since Air Berlin filed for insolvency last August the airline has had to pay upfront for all its activities in the Icelandic airport therefore the debt that is causing the situation is an older one. And the amount is „considerable“ says Gudni Sigurdsson, the airport spokesperson, to

This is only the second time that a plane is seized at the Keflavík International airport in Iceland.

Airberlin had two planes in Iceland last night, the other one heading to Berlin. That one was allowed to take off and fortunately that one had empty seats for all but 3 passengers heading to Dusseldorf.