Reykjavík receives Luxury Travel Guide award for second consecutive year

The Icelandic Capital is the European Adventure Destination of the Year for 2018.

Credit: Ragnar Th. Sigurdsson/Visit Reykjavik

This is the second consecutive year that the prestigious travel periodical Luxury Travel Guide has selected Reykjavík as a destination: In 2017 Reykjavík was LTG Winter Destination of the Year. 

“It is a great honour for the City of Reykjavík to be seen to excel in this manner on the global level. The professional periodical Luxury Travel Guide has now selected Reykjavík for awards in two consecutive years, and it is clear that the development of Reykjavík as a destination that has taken place in recent years is attracting international attention. And the award is also recognition of our achievements in marketing and promotion of Reykjavík, focusing on the diversity of activities and culture to be found here. By the same token, this is welcome recognition for tourism in Iceland as a whole,” says Áshildur Bragadóttir, Director of Visit Reykjavík.

The judging panel comprises professionals in the diverse fields of tourism; In their report they describe Reykjavík as city of culture located in a spectacular landscape, with a wide range of activities in the glow of the Northern Lights. A family visit to Reykjavík, they say, is a recipe for exciting adventures and unique memories, an opportunity not to be missed.

The LTG judging panel states that such awards are made only to the most outstanding bodies in their fields, ensuring that only destinations or businesses that perform exceptionally well receive this prestigious recognition. Reykjavík, they say, can take pride in the achievement of being selected European Adventure Destination of the Year for 2018 as well as being a two time winner.