Different prices for shuttle from Keflavik Airport to Reykjavik City Centre

You can choose between Flybus, Airport Express og Airport Direct or the public bus. But the prices will vary.

Keflavik International Airport Credit: Isavia

Attention: This article was updated in FEB 2020 with the latest prices.

If you are visiting Iceland you have three options when taking a flybus between the Keflavik International airport and the city of Reykjavik. And even though their routes and services are very similar, their prices are not.

All of them will take you to the city in 45 minutes but the cheapest option is Gray Line/Airport Express which offers single fare tickets from 21 EUR (see prices in different currencies below) and return tickets from 39 EUR. But you will be charged more for return tickets with the other two companies, Flybus and Airport Direct. The latter does however offer lower fares on different parts of the day. All three then charge extra for transport to your accommodation from their bus terminal.

You can also take a public bus no. 55 to the city for less but that trip will take around 55 minutes and there are not many trips during the day and none in time for the early morning flights from Keflavik International Airport. See schedule here.

How to find the different buses?

When you arrive at Keflavik Airport and go through customs you enter the arrival hall. If you head straight to the exit in front you will find the buses from Flybus and Airport Direct on your right hand side.

But if you choose, Gray Line/Airport Express, then you need to continue walking straight ahead for ca. 200 meters and then turn to left where you find car rental shuttle and also the Airport Express bus.

All of the three companies offer free wifi onboard. It´s recommended that you buy tickets in advance and it´s always cheaper to order return ticket.