Return ticket to Iceland for as low as 62 GBP

Six international carriers offer direct flights between London and Keflavík this winter. With all the competition, economical travellers can snatch up cheap airfares to Iceland.

Reykjavík during the winter. Credit: Raggi Th Sigurdsson / Visit Reykjavik

With summer behind us, thrifty travellers can now snag up cheap low-season flights between London and Keflavík International Airport. Six airlines offer direct flights between London and Keflavík this winter, making Iceland an ideal winter get-away for travel-thirsty Londoners who wish to experience the magnificent Northern Lights or do some Christmas shopping.

British Airways and Icelandair offer scheduled flights from London Heathrow, while EasyJet, Icelandair and WOW air fly directly from Gatwick. EasyJet and Wizz Air offer flights between Keflavík and Luton airport; Primera Air flies from London Stansted; and British Airways from London City. Combined, these airlines will operate around 80 weekly flights between London and Keflavík this winter (click to compare fares).

With all this competition, economical flyers can purchase return tickets between London and Keflavík for as low as 62 GBP. The cheapest fares are so-called “stripped down-fares”, which means flyers need to pay extra for baggage and in-flight amenities.

Accommodation is also cheaper during shoulder and low season, with many hotels offering lower rates to boost business. According to Túristi’s price check, it can be more economical to book directly with the hotel rather than through a booking site; a double room at Fosshótel Reykjavík for three nights will set you back 433 GBP if booked directly with the hotel. The same deal will cost you 485 GBP with