Nine Icelanders introduce “The A-Ö of Iceland”

A new marketing campaign where the Icelandic language is used to increase awareness of Iceland as a good place to visit, a source of quality in food, products and experience and a great place to do business or invest.

Credit: Inspired by Iceland

“The A-Ö of Iceland” is the name the new campaign that is initiated under the brand of Inspired by Iceland. The marketing campaign uses the Icelandic alphabet as a guide to the country and its people. The guide has three parts: “Journey” which introduces Iceland as a destination, “Taste” which introduces Icelandic food and drink”, and “Living” which introduces Icelandic industry and society.

Nine videos were made to accompany the alphabets. They feature Icelanders with different backgrounds and give insight into the Icelandic business environment and society through their jobs and interests.

• The first lady, Eliza Reid, speaks about gender equality in Iceland and why Iceland
often tops lists that measure the happiness of each country.
• The mountaineer Vilborg Arna Gissurardóttir gives advice about how to travel
responsibly in Icelandic nature.
• The gourmet, Ólafur Örn Ólafsson, speaks about Icelandic food and drink culture.
• The astronomer, Sævar Helgi Bragason, explains how the northern lights work.
• An Executive Vice President of the National Power Company of Iceland, Stefanía G.
Halldórsdóttir, explains how geothermal energy is used in Iceland.
• The engineer, Ragnheiður H. Magnúsdóttir, discusses innovation and IT in Iceland.
• The chef, Georg Halldórsson, from the national culinary team, introduces Icelandic
quality ingredients.
• The professional guide and extra in Game of Thrones, Svanur Gísli Þorkelsson, gives
advice about travelling in Iceland.
• The CEO of Codland, Erla Ósk Pétursdóttir, speaks about responsible fishing.

“It is great to see companies that come from very different industries working together to promote Iceland abroad. We are building on the successful experience of the Team Iceland campaign from earlier this year and using the impact from that to create an efficient marketing campaign,” says Inga Hlín Pálsdóttir, director at Promote Iceland.