Hotel rooms in Reykjavík cheaper than they were a year ago

The weakening value of the Icelandic króna means foreign visitors get more value for their money.

Reykjavik during the winter. Credit: Visit Reykjavik / Raggi Th Sigurdsson

The average price of a hotel room in Reykjavík in January was roughly 10 Euros cheaper than in January last year.
According to hotel comparison website Trivago, the average price for a standard double room in Reykjavík in 2017 was 134 Euros, whereas now, it’s 124 Euros.

The most likely explanation to this 7.5% decrease in hotel rates in Reykjavík is the weakening value of the Icelandic króna. The króna’s current exchange rate is 9.3% lower than it was a year ago.