Seat availability to the US will decrease by 29% this summer

Icelandair and specially WOW air will cut down on flights to the US. More markets will be served by fewer flights than last summer season.

kef taska 860
The number of available seats from Keflavik Airport (KEF) will be less than last year. Credit: Isavia

WOW air will scale down its seat availability by a hefty 44% for this coming summer season, from 2,732,584 in 2018 to 1,521,600 in 2019. Icelandair’s seat availability will however, increase by 14%. The overall seat availability of airlines that offer scheduled flights to Keflavík Airport (Reykjavik) this summer will drop by 10%, from 7.9 million seats in 2018 to 7.1 million seats this in 2019.

According to statistics gathered by Isavia, available seats between Iceland and the US will decrease by more than a quarter between years, or 29% to be exact. Available seats between Iceland and the UK will fall by 22%. Available seats to Germany, Norway and Switzerland will on the other hand, somewhat increase. The drop in seat availability to the US can mostly be attributed to the fact that the Icelandic carriers have decreased their number of US destinations, but also to the fact that the frequency of scheduled flights to certain US destinations is set to drop in 2019.