Irish tourists most satis­fied with their trip to Iceland

Overall visitor satisfaction in April is up compared to the same month last year.


Visitor satis­faction reports from market rese­arch company Gallup shows that Irish tourists are the most satis­fied with their visit to Iceland. Visitor satis­faction rated 84.6% in April, up by 1% from the same time period last year. The visitor satis­faction report asks visitors to rate their dest­ination with respect to diff­erent dimensions such as quality of accomm­odation, hospitality, and value for money.

Irish tourists gave Iceland the highest score, 89.2 points out of 100. Portu­gese tourists gave Iceland a rating of 87.1 points while Germans gave the country a rating of 86.8 points.

When it comes to value for money, Iceland as a dest­ination scored 81.1 points for the month of April, a consi­derable increase from last year when the country scored 77.3 points. This can in part be assigned to the devaluation of the Icelandic króna in recent months.

The only direct flight from Ireland to Iceland is daily Icelandair service from Dublin to Keflavik Internati­onal Airport, near Reykjavik.