The Founder and owner of Primera Travel Group returning

Andri Már Ingólfsson is starting a new Icelandic travel agency with an International name.

The former owner of Primera Air is starting a new travel agency. Little more than a year after the airline went bankrupt. Credit: London Stansted

Aventura Holidays is the name of a new Icelandic travel agency that is currently advertising for job applications from people with “extensive experience in the travel industry.” The person who has registered himself as owner of Aventura Holidays is Andri Már Ingólfsson who can truly be considered a veteran in the travel industry. Ingólfsson founded Heimsferdir in 1992 which later became one of the largest travel agencies in Iceland.

Ingólfsson’s business was not limited to Iceland, however. In the early 2000s, he acquired five Nordic travel agencies which were merged under the name, Primera Travel Group. The airline company, Primera Air, was also part of the conglomerate.

For a long time, Primera Air focused only on charter flights for its sister-companies, but changed its course in 2017 when Primera Air suddenly became a low-cost airline intending to fly between Europe and North America. These plans ended abruptly in early October 2018, however, when the company went bankrupt.

Subsequently, the name of Primera Travel changed to Travelco Nordic. The Icelandic bank, Arion, took over all the shares last summer and announced their intention to sell the agencies as soon as possible. At the moment, only one has not been sold. Arion analysts do not believe Ingólfsson’s return will have a negative impact on the sales process of the remaining five agencies.

The aforementioned job advertisement on behalf of Aventura Holidays reveals very little about the new travel agency. It does say, however, that the intention is “to offer Icelanders exciting travel offers by using the latest developments in booking technology to find optimal trips for their customers.”

Ingólfsson has confirmed that he is behind Aventura holidays and says that the business is fully financed.