More passengers in June than in previous months combined

Great increase in traffic in Iceland but still far from the levels before Covid-19.

June was a busy month in Keflavik Airport. At least in comparison with the rest of the year. CREDIT: KEFLAVIK AIRPORT

During January to May this year only 114.000 passengers travelled through Keflavik Airport, the main international airport in Iceland. In June however then number of passengers went up to 136.000 which is almost four times more passengers than in June 2020.

When compared to the traffic in 2019 the pictures is quite different. In June that year 788.000 passengers flew to, from or via Keflavik International Airport.

This summer both Delta Air Lines and United Airlines are offering more flights to Iceland than ever before. European Carriers like Lufthansa, Wizz Air, easyJet, Transavia and more have also returned to Iceland. On top of that new Icelandic carrier, Play, started operations late June.

But still Icelandair is by far the biggest airline at Keflavik International Airport with more than half of the passengers in June.