Icelandair’s survival depends on agreements with pilots and cabin crew

“Whether we like it or not, investors are demanding new long-term agreements with flight crews that will make the company compe­titive over the next few years,” Icelandair Group CEO Bogi Nils Bogason wrote in a letter to the comp­any’s empl­oyees on Saturday evening. The deadline for concluding new collective bargaining agreements is May 22 when … Lesa meira

Integration of Air Iceland Connect and Icelandair

Air Iceland Connect operates domestic flights in Iceland and scheduled flights to Green­land while Icelandair has an internati­onal network. Both airlines are part of Icelandair Group. But now all supp­orting functions of Air Iceland Connect such as sales, marketing, operations, finance, HR and IT will be integrated into Icelandair’s operations. The Air Operators Certificate (AOC) … Lesa meira

Govern­ment sends out vouchers to spend on domestic travel

During the past decade Iceland has seen a great increase in the number of tourists and today few nations rely as much on tourism as Iceland does. The current situation, caused by the Corona­virus/COVID-19, will therefore cause serious setback for industry, especially as the high season is approaching. This is, of course, the situation in … Lesa meira

Iceland: Record Number of Internati­onal Overnight Stays in Hotels 

Almost all travelers visiting Iceland fly in and out of Keflavik Internati­onal Airport. Therefore, the tallying of foreign tourists on the island is very accurate; last year they decreased by 14%. The main explanation for this decrease is the bankruptcy of WOW Air in March last year, as this low-cost airline accounted for about three … Lesa meira

The Founder and owner of Primera Travel Group returning

Aventura Holi­days is the name of a new Icelandic travel agency that is currently advert­ising for job applications from people with “extensive experience in the travel industry.” The person who has regist­ered himself as owner of Aventura Holi­days is Andri Már Ingólfsson who can truly be consi­d­ered a veteran in the travel industry. Ingólfsson founded … Lesa meira

Icelandair wants an new airport closer to Reykjavik

From most internati­onal airports, airplanes fly not only to other countries but also to other cities and towns in the same country. In Iceland, this is the opposite. Keflavík Internati­onal Airport, located outside of Reykjavík, is only used for internati­onal flights. About 98 percent of all tourists who come to Iceland fly to Keflavík first. … Lesa meira

Icelandair Group does not expect Boeing 737 MAX back into service until May 2020

Icelandair has updated its flight schedule as it does not expect the Boeing 737 MAX back into service until May 2020. In a statement, the company says that this decision has minimum impact on passengers and on Icelandair’s flight schedule for this period. “Due to the MAX suspension, Icelandair will keep more Boeing 757s in … Lesa meira

Irish tourists most satis­fied with their trip to Iceland

Visitor satis­faction reports from market rese­arch company Gallup shows that Irish tourists are the most satis­fied with their visit to Iceland. Visitor satis­faction rated 84.6% in April, up by 1% from the same time period last year. The visitor satis­faction report asks visitors to rate their dest­ination with respect to diff­erent dimensions such as quality … Lesa meira

EasyJet offers fewer flights to Iceland due to poor demand

EasyJet added Iceland to its network in 2012, at first offering only flights to Iceland from Luton airport, but soon more routes followed. In the ensuing years, the number of British visitors in Iceland grew drastically. The majo­rity of British tourists choose to visit Iceland during the winter months — in 2018, more British tourists … Lesa meira

Iceland becomes a more affor­dable dest­ination but visitor numbers drop

The number of people visiting Iceland dropped by 8% during the first four months of 2019 and the total number of foreign visitors to Iceland is expected to decrease even further by the end of the year. According to a report from Arion Bank’s rese­arch depart­ment, the total number of foreign visitors in 2019 is … Lesa meira